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Russian translation services company B-Lingvo based in Belarus offers English to Russian translation services and Belarusian translations. We are native speakers of Belarussian and Russian language with years of experience in Russian translation services. We are an office-based Russian translation agency in Belarus, not just a group of enthusiasts, who came up with a website.

Latest Russian Translation Projects

English texts translated to Russian by our team are the best proof of quality of our Russian translation services. Below is a list of the most recent Russian translation projects. Check out extracts from our Russian translations at this website. Before you Order Translation with us, assess the quality of our English to Russian translation services:

8/29/12 Legal Russian Translation. A license agreement for laying and maintenance of cable lines. Russian translation of this document took a few days. Our legal team were happy to come up with their best in doing this job.
Russian Legal Translation
8,745 words

Russian Technical Translation
9,736 words

8/20/12 Technical Russian Translation. English to Russian translation of a brochure about formaldehyde resins. This Russian translation required understanding of the topic. To do it we had to study some online materials dedicated to this.
8/14/12 Legal Russian Translation. We have recently translated to Russian a master short-term engine lease agreement containing terms and conditions for lease of an engine for a marine vessel. This English to Russian translation was completed in a couple of days by our team of legal translators.
Russian Legal Translation
27,002 words
Russian Technical Translation
23,338 words
8/11/12 Oil&Gas Russian Translation. English to Russian translation of a well control manual containing procedures for tripping operations, information about trip tank and trip sheet. We were able to set up a team for this large project to translate into Russian this specialized document.
8/4/12 Legal Russian Translation. A document containing Criticisms of the Jury System in the U.S. had to be translated into Russian. We assigned one of our specialists with a diploma in law to do this English to Russian translation.
Russian Legal Translation
12,624 words

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